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  • Wednesday, April 29, 2015 7:57 PM | Anonymous
  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013 8:37 AM | Anonymous

    From the Blog of International Judge Bob Pian – a great how-to of preparing for your first tournament:

    Heading to the first “real” tourney: Deciding to take part in that first tournament is often more of an accident than by design.  Someone mentions that an event might be fun or worthwhile and suggest giving it a try.  Now what?  A book could be written about tournament preparation and competition.  All events are different, but following are some steps you can take to help you feel more prepared.

    Ask the Question: Am I ready? If you don’t need to go behind the target to look for your arrows after most every end and can score arrows on a target face, write the values and add arrow values, you are ready to try competition.

    Registration and membership: The amount of tournament advertising and information varies.  Most events have registration forms that can be downloaded and printed.  When in doubt, contact the tournament host.  Most tournament organizers will be delighted to hear of an archer that is taking part in their first event and are more than willing to provide information.  Tournaments often neglect to offer “guest” or “novice” categories.  Ask! Most tournaments are eager to fit you in where they can.

    Membership can affect who is eligible to take part.  Levels of tournaments include, club, local, state, regional, national, team trials and international. Where there is no specific membership requirement information, contact the tournament organizers and inquire.

    Dress code and equipment: Showing up ready to compete requires the archer to be in proper dress and have equipment that is compliant with the rules. Events have different dress code requirement just as there are different membership requirements. Compliance is easy: for complete information on the USA Archery dress code, click here.

    Equipment rules can be a concern for those new to FITA style archery.  If at all possible ask a judge or an experienced target archer to explain the equipment rules before the day of your competition. For compound archers, common compliance issues are bows in excess of 60 pounds, multiple aiming points, a battery lighted sight pin, or arrows that are over 9.3mm (2315s).  Recurve bows rarely have issues except when an archer has left a training aid on the bow such as a sight level or a sight tube over 2cm in length. For complete rules and regulations, click here.

    Schedules: Schedules indicate the starting time. Experienced archers arrive on site early to claim seating space, review posted information, set up their equipment, hang their target face, stretch, and get situated before the day’s events begin.  Think of the remainder of the schedule as a general concept versus something that is fixed.  Check daily for schedule updates.

    Think of the tournament as starting with check-in, equipment inspection and official practice.  Official practice is the time for archers to become familiar with the range and relax a bit before the first scoring arrow.  It is unsettling to not have time to practice because of a delay.  It is disappointing to have prepared and spent money only to perform poorly because of rushing caused by corner cutting.

    Tournament delays happen for a variety of reasons including inclement weather, power failures and protest deliberations. For a local tournament, plan to arrive at least 45 minutes to an hour ahead of your scheduled shooting time. If you’re traveling out of town, plan to arrive the day before and depart the day after if at all possible.

    Travel: Getting to and from the event is typically an individual effort.  Plan your trip just as you would any other important event.  Events can take place in obscure places including those that have no address.  Give yourself even more time to find your way.  Many tournament hosts help guide archers to the venue by displaying a FITA target face.  One of the primary roles of a friend, family member or parent is to “get lunch”.   Many bring a cooler with beverages and snacks and a sandwich.

    Arrival: There are several things to do when you arrive.  Get a lay of the land. Find out where and when check-in and equipment inspection will be.  If competing in an outdoor tournament, you’ll find that many are interested to learn their target assignment in order to practice on their target. At an indoor competition, you’ll want to secure a seat and a spot for your bow, and get a sense of the lighting on your target. Friends and family are encouraged to volunteer with set up and take down and during the tourney.  Becoming a “friend of the tournament” can be very beneficial; being around the folks that are running the event can provide some insight on what to expect.

    Competition: Typically, the process of shooting and scoring is easy to follow.  There is usually time to have questions answered during practice.  The most common interaction with an official is to ask for an arrow call when the target group does not agree.

    Archers, including those in youth divisions, should be prepared to call arrow values and mark scorecards legibly.  Finally, archers should be able to add and check the addition of others.  The integrity of the tournament depends on the accuracy of the scorecards.  The efficiency of the tournament depends on the archers’ ability to score and total quickly.

    End of the competition day: Scorecards should only be turned in after archers check and double check the math, and ensure that all required information is properly recorded.  Scorecards are required to be signed by the archer and others in the scoring group including the score recorder.  Do not leave the group until all off the cards in the group are fully checked and signed.  Scorecards must be turned in on time to be a part of the results.  Note that in order for your score to set a new record, your scorecard must be signed by a judge.

    The best way to learn the tournament process is to dive in and take part!
  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013 7:43 AM | Anonymous
    Facebook post from Coach Gary

    Two weeks to go for this 2013 Indoor Season! We can all be proud of our archers' accomplishments this season. With hard work on form, scores do improve, and placements are a direct result from that. Keep working, and never give up. Each arrow is a new opportunity for that perfect shot, and once you find it, you'll learn to keep that feeling shot after shot after shot!!!

    Las Vegas World Archery Festival:
    Rachel Wissenbach, 5th place, Youth Female Recurve
    Danielle Reynolds, 6th place, Young Adult Freestyle Unlimited Compound
    Kailey Osborn, 16th place, Young Adult Freestyle Unlimited Compound
    Bradley Osborn, 46th place, Youth Male Freestyle Unlimited Compound
    Nathan Yamaguchi, 5th place Adult Recurve Flight #1 ($$)
    Gary Yamaguchi, 11th place Adult Recurve Flight #1
    Karissa Yamaguchi, 3rd place Adult Recurve Flight #3 ($$)
    Michael Speck, 8th place Freestyle Unlimited Compound Flight #11

    AZ State JOAD Championship Placements, February 2:
    Iris Salvador, 1st place Bowman Women Recurve
    Sydney Connelly, 4th place Bowman Women Recurve
    Mia D'Avola, 5th place Bowman Women Recurve
    Sue Kim, 1st place Cub Women Recurve
    Skylar Parker, 2nd place Cub Women Recurve
    Melissa Song, 4th place Cub Women Recurve
    Haley Petersheim, 5th place Cub Women Recurve
    Sydney Ealy, 6th place Cub Women Recurve
    Molly Nugent, 10th place Cub Women Recurve
    Claire Van Doren, 11th place Cub Women Recurve
    Samuel Nam, 4th place Cub Men Recurve
    Bradley Osborn, 12th place Cub Men Compound
    Danielle Reynolds, 1st place Cadet Women Compound
    Kailey Osborn, 5th place Cadet Women Compound
    Karissa Yamaguchi, 2nd place Cadet Women Recurve
    Yasmin Aghili, 3rd place Cadet Women Recurve
    Eleanor Rodriguez, 4th place Cadet Women Recurve
    Sidney Spore, 6th place Cadet Women Recurve
    Andrew Mateo, 1st place Cadet Men Recurve
    Joshua Au, 3rd place Cadet Men Recurve
    Jarrett Ritter, 4th place Cadet Men Recurve
    Nathan Yamaguchi, 1st place Junior Men Recurve
    Arde Aghili, 2nd place Junior Men Recurve

    ASAA Indoor Championship Placements, January 19-20:
    Sue Kim, 1st place Cub Women Recurve
    Danielle Reynolds, 1st place Cadet Women Compound
    Yasmin Aghili, 2nd place Cadet Women Recurve
    Karissa Yamaguchi, 3rd place Cadet Women Recurve
    Sidney Spore, 4th place Cadet Women Recurve
    Becca Bell, 5th place Cadet Women Recurve
    Joshua Au, 3rd place Cadet Men Recurve
    Nathan Yamaguchi, 1st place Junior Men Recurve
    Arde Aghili, 3rd place Junior Men Recurve
    Gail Spore, 2nd place Senior Women Recurve
    Michael Speck, 1st place Senior Men Compound
    Denise Lake, Master 50 Women Compound
    Mike Cullumber, 4th place Master 50 Men Compound
    Gary Yamaguchi, 1st place Senior Men Recurve
    Lee Wolfe, 2nd place Master 50 Men Recurve
    Dennis Schwartzfager, 1st place Master 60 Men Recurve
  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013 7:41 AM | Anonymous
    It is time for our annual work day at the range. This year it will be on Sunday, March 17th starting at 9:00am. The club will be providing Pizza for all for lunch.

    Items needed to get done.

    1. Re-core targets
    2. Repair target stands
    3. Clean-up and inventory storage container
    4. Replace missing distance markers on the range
    5. Stripe range, getting ready for JOAD Outdoors in April.

    The more that comes, the faster we will get finished.
  • Monday, February 04, 2013 1:18 PM | Anonymous
    The 2013 Spring Adult League is now taking applications

    8 week league starts Saturday March 2nd at the Paseo Vista Archery Range.New archers welcome – shoot for $$$ and USA Archery pins. 

    Mar 02, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm 
    Mar 09, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm 
    Mar 16, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm
    Mar 23, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm
    Mar 30, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm
    Apr 06, 2013 Skip – Arizona Cup Ben Avery 
    Apr 13, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm 
    Apr 20, 2013 Skip – Arizona JOAD Outdoor Paseo Vista 
    Apr 27, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm 
    May 04, 2013 Practice 12:30pm shoot 1:00pm – Final 
    •  Shoot 30-meter OR 50-meter distance on 80cm targets
    • Must stay at same distance for duration of league
    • 30-meter distance 80% handicap – 50-meter distance 85% handicap
    • Must shoot 4 out of 8-weeks to establish average and handicap
    • $$$ awards for top spots and most improved
    • Option to shoot for 30-meter and 50-meter pins* * ($4 charge for each USA Archery pin)
    •  $30.00 entry fee payable online 
    • All fees minus target expenses paid back to shooters
    • Questions – Contact Saeid Aghili at Saeid_Aghili@hotmail.com Lee Wolfe at LeeWolfe_AZ@hotmail.com
  • Monday, December 31, 2012 7:00 AM | Anonymous
    Registration is now open for the 2013 USAA-AZ JOAD State Indoor Championships. Here is the registration form. Please get your registration and entry fee in ASAP. It will fill up very fast.
  • Sunday, December 02, 2012 5:34 AM | Anonymous
    The Paseo Vista Archery Club Fall League was completed on Sunday, December 1st. This was an adults only league that included Compound and Recurve archers shooting together. It was open to all archers and you did not have to be a member of the Paseo Club to shoot. 12 Archers competed in the 7 week league all shooting at 30 meters using a 80cm-6 ring target face. A shooting handicap format was used so that all archers, regardless of skill level or equipment had an equal chance.

    Some of the goals of the league were to offer a fun low-pressure environment shooting with fellow archers, and to expose new archers to a more structured setting they will experience in tournaments. Missing from our leagues are the clocks, horns, and shot time-limits, but it was apparent during the finals the mere word of "finals" or "championship" introduced some self-imposed pressure for many of the participants. Proving just how important the "mental game" is in this sport.

    Many Archers were also able to use their scores for the USA Archery Adult Achievement Pin Awards Program that Paseo Offers to Adult Archers for a minimal fee. 

    The shooting handicap format was intended to both level the playing field and the reward archers that showed improvement over the course of the league. We saw Gail Spore display a 200+ point improvement over the course of 7-weeks and take the championship, and Michelle Wolfe improve over 100-points to take 4th. Both Gail (recurve) and Michelle (compound) have been shooting a bow less than a year!

    Final standings
    Gail Spore - 702
    Kevin Bailey - 607
    Gary Yamaguchi - 594
    Michelle Wolfe - 593
    Dennis Swartzfager - 590
    Mike Lee - 588
    Saeid Aghili - 587
    Lee Wolfe - 585
    Cameron Rollins - 564
    Peggy Irelan - 557
    Mike Dyster - 544
    Judy Dyster - 478

    Only 9-points separated 3rd through 8th place!

    Over the next several weeks the Paseo Vista Adult program coordinators Lee Wolfe and Saeid Aghili will begin planning the Spring Adult League which will start in January. Feel free to contact Lee and Saeid at Saturday practices and propose ideas for how this league should be setup. Some interesting suggestions have already been made, like for a 30-meter / 50-meter format where half the arrows are shot at each distance. 

    If the league continues to grow, we can also consider compound and recurve divisions. We also have the opportunity to supply several sessions of archery instruction for those that are interested.

  • Sunday, November 18, 2012 3:28 PM | Anonymous
    Dear Members,

    It is once again time for the Paseo Annual Membership Meeting that is required in the Paseo By-Laws. All members are encouraged to come. This year we have two positions up for election on the Board of Directors; The President and Treasurer. The current position of President is held by Mike Cullumber and Treasurer is held by Janet Yamaguchi. Both Janet and Mike are willing to continue on for an additional three year term of service. We welcome all members over the age of 18 who are interested in running for these two open position to let Kitty Hagar know. She will place your name on the ballot. We will vote during the annual Membership meeting. We will also be reviewing the past 2012 years and looking at 2013.

    The meeting will be held on December 18th at 6:00pm at Chino Bandidos. Chino Bandidos is at the South/East corner of Chandler Blvd and Dobson, behind the Walgreens. Address is 1825 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224. Dinner is on your own and they serve a unique combination of Asian/Mexican food. Sounds odd, but it is very good. They meeting should last about 2 hours, depending on questions.

    We hope to see everyone there!>
  • Friday, October 26, 2012 6:14 AM | Anonymous

    Format: Open 300 Round – Vegas Scoring - Outer 10 in the morning. Lunch break, then in the afternoon, the top 16 shoot it out head to head in two flights.

    When: JOAD on December 1st, 2012- Adults on December 2nd

    Where: AZ Archery Club 1115 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix AZ

    Cost: Saturday December 1st-Youth = $30 ($25+$5 lane fee) – Archers under20; Sunday December 2nd-Adults $40 ($30+$10)

    For more information go here

  • Monday, October 08, 2012 7:51 AM | Anonymous
    The 2012 Arizona State Outdoor Target Archery Championships took place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (BASF) over the weekend of October 6th & 7th. A total of 77 Archers ranging from 8 to over 70 years old were at the tournament. The Paseo Vista Archery Club had 14 members enter the tournament. The weather was in the mid-nineties with a slight breeze. Excellent conditions for a tournament at BASF. The tournament format was a two day, 4 distance FITA round. For a few of our archers it was their first tournament and the first time they shot this round. Over the two days each archer shot around 200+ arrows! Here are the results:

    Perfect score would be a 1440

    Mens Compound Bowman - 3rd place - Jared Malone - 1048 total score. This was Jared's first ever tournament!!

    Womens Recurve Cub - 1st place - Rachel Wissenbach - 1137 total score. First FITA Round.

    Womens Compound Cadet - 3rd place - Kailey Osborne - 1062 total score. First FITA Round.

    Womens Recurve Cadet - Yasmin Aghili - 1st place - 1184 total score. First FITA Round.
                                          Eleanor Rodriguez - 3rd place - 849 total score. First FITA Round.

    Mens Recurve Cadet - Andrew Mateo - 1st place - 1246 total score. Set State record at 60 meters(311), set state record at 50 meters                                    (311). Set state record at total score FITA Round (1246)
                                     Eric Dyster - 4th place - 989 total score
         Ardesher Aghili - 5th place - 986 total score

    Womens Senior Compound - Danielle Reynolds - 2nd place - 1310 total score - shooting up two divisions

    Mens Senior Compound - Mike Speck - 3rd place - 1307 total score

    Female Compound Master 50+ - Denise Lake - 2nd place - 1319 total score

    Mens Recurve Master 50+ - David Wissenbach - 3rd place - 1023 total score - 1st FITA Round

    Mens Recurve Masters 60+ - Dennis Swartzfager - 1st place - 779 - 1st FITA Round

    Great job Team Paseo!!

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